Change Blogger Admin Email Address Without Deleting Account

Date added: March 10, 2015

Blog is an online journal where the bloggers can post their ideas, opinions, views and thoughts about the products or a niche topic to the target audience. People can comment on the blog posts and share it with their friends or acquaintances. It is alike to that of a website.

Few people would create a new Gmail address and few people would like to transfer their blog to another email address, since they do not want to unveil their identity to the audience. However, while carrying out such actions you need to be careful and should not delete the email account. By doing so, your blog would be deleted and eventually it would be impossible to retrieve.

Modify Your Blog’s Admin Email Address | Quick Steps

change email address

You need to follow the below steps to modify the admin email address of your blog

Step 1: Sign in to your blog account by entering the user name and password

Step 2: You can view the dashboard page, from the dashboard, Go to customize→ setting→ permissions

Step 3: Select Add Author to add your new email address. After adding the address, sign out from your blogger and Gmail account

Step 4: After signing out successfully, you will receive an email from the blogger along with a link saying as Accept authorship for the blog. Click on it.

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Step 5: Again Sign in to your blog account by giving your first admin credentials (user name and password)

Step 6: Go to customize→ setting→ permissions to accept the new admin email address privileges to gain control over your blog with the new email address

Follow the above process to modify your blog email address.

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