Top 5 Best FTP Server and Client Softwares for windows 8 and 10 free download


We are offering top 5 free download latest updated FTP Server and Client softwares for Windows 7,8,10 that allows webmasters to transfer computer files from one host to another online. FTP Software-How it is Useful? At first, manipulating FTP was a relatively difficult task given that client applications were command-line based to eventually evolve into user-friendly applications with graphical user ...

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Top 5 Latest Video Players For Windows 10 And Windows 8 Free Download


Video players are helpful software that helps you to play your video content. These players are compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 10 and some can also work in gadgets running on the Android operating system. Here is a brief list of the top 5 video players for Windows 10 and Windows 8. Top Five Video Players For windows 10 ...

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Top 5 Best Antivirus Softwares for Windows Free Download


Antivirus software’s are needed to protect our android phones or our personal computers,. They are needed to guard the PC or the Android phone from virus or malware and keep the data in the phones or the machines safe and secure. 5 of the Best Antivirus Softwares for windows 10,8,7 AVG Antivirus This antivirus comes in both free and paid ...

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2 Simple Ways To Start Windows 8 In Safe Mode Or Boot In Safe Mode

start-windows 8-in-safe-mode-or-boot-in safe-mode

If you’ve never started windows8 in safe mode, we’re here to help. If you’ve avoided booting into safe mode so far, that’s great. However, it’s a very useful method to know because there may come a time when you need to remove spyware, viruses or do some troubleshooting for diagnostic help. You would also need safe mode to change bad ...

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Top 5 Best Uninstaller Software for Windows 8.1, 7 Free Download


Download Top 5 Best Uninstaller Software for windows: Remove unwanted software’s to protect important documents and files by using below best uninstaller software’s.   Top 5 Complete Uninstaller Software’s for Windows 8.1, 7 Revo Uninstaller Software At first comes the very popular, truly efficient Revo uninstaller software. Not only it deletes leftovers and unused registry keys, but it also scans ...

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