Easy Ways To Boost Wifi Signals To Jet Speed On Any Laptop

Date added: March 7, 2015

Troubling with your WiFi Signals, Follow below tips Easy ways to boost WiFi signal strength to improve your laptops / mobile.

Great Tips To Boost WiFi Signals

Boost Wifi Signal On Laptop

Easy Ways To Increase WiFi Signals Strength on Laptop

You must follow below tips for boost WiFi signals for your laptop/mobiles/Smart phones. After following these tips your WiFi Signals speed will increase like Jet with out any fail.

Wi-Fi repeater for boost wifi signals

Wi-Fi repeaters are available in market with cheapest price to boost WiFi signals for windows 7/8/8.1/10. and this will work as an extension to your existing router and covers the area in your house/office that you are unable to get the signal with the original router.

Replace router to increase wifi signals speed 

Better to replace standard router antenna with an omnidirectional antenna for high speed wifi signals which will intercepts the radio-frequency equally well in all directions in your house/company.

External adapter for high speed WiFi Signals

If your Laptop is older, it is better to disable built-in Wi-Fi and install External adapter.  Usually External adapters comes with larger antennas and also with up-to-date software.

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Change Your Wireless Channel

In general wireless channels broadcast Wi-Fi signals, so better to try to change the channels from the provider website it may help to you.

Disable unused Apps

Sometimes network signal fails, that runs in background will cause the slowdown of your laptop wifi signal strength.  Always check and close the unused application that are running in the background.

Check power settings

Laptop Wi-Fi signals getting strength and speed will also depend on the power settings, check if your Laptop is running on the battery. It is advised to plug-in to the power supply which will boost your laptop wifi signals.

Upgrade router

Check if your Wi-Fi router is up-to-date and having the capacity of using 802.11g or 802.11n, if not, please upgrade it for boost up your Wifi signals.

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