Block Unblock Websites In Any Router And Fix Common Issues

Date added: February 12, 2015

Here are the steps to Block and Unblock websites on Router to enable preferred browsing experience.

While it seems tricky at firsthand, overseeing a router’s function is easy. Blocking and unblocking sites is a router feature in which user can choose accessible sites and purge sites.

Blocking Websites From Router Made Easy With These Steps

Block Unblock Websites In Any Router And Fix Common Issues

Block Certain Websites on Router As Per Your Wish

  1. First and foremost, you have to configure your router by typing usual web address on the browser’s address box. After browsing web page, log-in credentials will be asked. All you have to input here are “admin” for both username and password. Note that this is the standard for any(most) Routers like dlink, netgear, linksys etc.
  2. After log-in, go to Security tab. Upon opening it, check “Domain filtering” box so that you can later input the websites you want to block.
  3. Next, go to the Domain Filtering tab under the Security section. In this page, type the websites you want to block simply by clicking the “Add New” button. After that, you will have the authority to input the restrictions. You can also put a restriction time for it, that means this particular blocked site will only get block for specific timeline and will get accessible during vacant hours.
  4. After confirming Status tab “Enabled” mode, you can now save your input. congratulations! You have successfully blocked a site.

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Simple Steps to Unblock Blocked Websites

Accessing blocked sites on the other hand, just involves the reverse process of blocking. Since it involves instructions #1 to #3, all you have to additionally remember is:

  1. By simply changing the status in “Domain Filtering” from Enabled to Disabled or just deleting all of the sites listed as blocked, then you will have those blocked sites working again for your browser.
  2. Don’t forget to reboot your Router after this process to clear and implement the changes. It is also advisable to make a backup for assurance.

Wireless Router Problems

router problemsIf you are wondering why you keep losing stable connection, on one case, it might be upon the wiring. All you have to do is:

  1. Simply re-position your RJ45 cable to another plug and this will fix that particular problem.

Next, a more advanced problem in the form of serious network configuration is a tougher nut to fix. But again, fret not, as simply resetting your router to Factory Default Settings will solve this problem. To do that, simply:

  1. Go to the System Tools tab and click Factory Default. Upon opening it, you will be prompted with only one option. Just click the “Restore” option and this will do wonders for network configuration problems. Keep in mind that doing so, you will lose your current settings and your router will go unsecured. If you want to build a secured connection you have to start another configuration via the Wireless tab.

Router tweaking will be fun experience especially to those unfamiliar. With these easy-to-remember instructions, you can now control everything in your router for your convenience.

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