Download Top 5 Best Time Manager & Calender Software’s for Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: March 6, 2015

Importance of time management? Time management software can greatly enhance how you utilize your time and are essential tools for personal planning for splitting up your workday and tracking the progressive implementation of your work plan. When choosing the right time management software to install on your windows 7, 8.1 pc, you should consider how the software’s features fit in with your daily planning needs, productivity goals, level of user experience, the level of automation required for scheduling tasks and the level of analysis intended for the data gathered.

Different time management software are available for students, professionals and homemakers that allow you to categorize and prioritize to-do tasks that would be most relevant for your daily schedule or calendar. This article discusses the five top calendar and time management software for window 7 and 8.1.

Organize All Your Projects with Best Time Management & Calender Software’s 

Software Name File SizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
WinCalendar826 KBFree1 MonthWindows 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10Download Now
LiquidPlanner13.2 MBFreeLife TimeWindows,Linux,
Mac OS X
Download Now
1.94 MBFreeLife TimeWindowsDownload Now
EssentialPIM Pro12.2 MBFreeLife TimeWindowsDownload Now
My Calendar1.5 MBFreeLife TimeWindowsDownload Now

Top 5 Time Management Software For Windows 7, 8.1 Download

WinCalendar Free Download

WinCallendar is a software available for Windows that enables users to create calendars on their desktops or online for personal planning. The free version provides you with a popup calendar and date chooser for your desktop, and enables you to create a printable calendar and date planner in Word or Excel.
Key Features: The registered version comes with additional features for integrating the application with desktop applications including Outlook and websites including Yahoo, color-coded calendars in various religious and national formats among other enhanced features for tracking personal events.

LiquidPlanner Download

LiquidPlanner is a premium time planning software for Windows targeted more to professionals involved in project management. LiquidPlanner software is essential for project managers and professionals that require to stay focused and disciplined in delivering high output for a number of complex work tasks.
Key Features: Liquidplanner provides an easy to use graphical interface for managing and analyzing project schedules on your desktop, and is suitable for collaborating with other professionals through its integration with email and websites including LinkedIn and Facebook.

VueMinder Download

VueMinder is a Windows software available as free trial and proprietary versions that enables you with a wide range of features to automate scheduling and reminder tasks for calendar events on your PC. The software provides a desktop application that provides features for scheduling events and appointments, and professional tasks and subtasks on a calendar that can be displayed on your desktop background. The application enables multiple calendar views and printable formats that can be shared and synchronized across the local network and on Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange amongst other online platforms.
Key Features: VueMinder provides other features for personal and professional planning needs including contacts manager, customizable reminders, notes linked to calendars, data import, export and backup, as well as a portable application version that can be used across multiple PC devices on USB storage.

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EssentialPIM Pro Free Download

Time Management Software For Windows

EssentialPIM is a best calendar app for Android, windows and iPhone for managing appointments, scheduled tasks and reminder notes following a calendar format. The software is designed to provide you with personal information management features like contacts manager, password entries backup and to-do lists across multiple devices and cloud sharing platforms.
Key Features: The software features automation of data import and backup between EssentialPIM and other desktop and online time management applications including Outlook Express, Treepad and Google Calendar.

My Calendar Download

My Calendar is a proprietary Windows software that provides you with a comprehensive list of features for scheduling and keeping track of tasks and events in your personal life. The desktop application provides you with a choice of graphical options for your calendar planner and reminder lists and provides tabbed view for tracking various aspects of your personal and social life simultaneously.
Key Features: My Calendar enables you to create down to the minute daily schedules and reminders, keep track of birthdays and social events, and convert time zones while allowing customized views of your calendar.

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