Top Best 5 Speech and Voice Recognition Android Apps Download

Date added: August 3, 2014

Free download top 5 best Speech and Voice Recognition android apps that converts audio recordings to digital data and identify who is speaking for android devices. (mobiles/tablets).
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You just need to speak and these apps will convert your voice into words and performs that particular task on your android device, isn’t it seems awesome?

App NameSizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload link
Voice Search Advanced1.5 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Assistant5.8 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

ListNote Speech-to-Text Notes2.1MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Start Voice Recognition4.6 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

utter! Voice Commands BETA!3.4M FreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Voice Recognition Android apps

Top Android Speech and Voice Recognition Apps List

The apps which we are going to discuss about voice and speech recognition are mentioned below. Have a look at all of them:
  • Utter Voice Command
  • List note Speech/Text Notepad
  • Google Voice search
  • AskWiki-Voice Recognition App
  • Speaktoit

Top Best 5 Speech and Voice Recognition Android apps Free Download

Google Voice Search

Google voice search is one of the best speech and voice recognition apps download available in Google Play Store. This handy app has capability to recognize 90 percent of the words used in common english language. It works by simply tapping the mic icon and saying whatever needed. This app is great for doing a quick Google search.

Speaktoit Voice Recognition App Download

Speaktoit is one of my favourite android Voice Recognition Apps which is really amazing in various features and download for free. You say “open the email and read it out” and this app will do it well. You can read messages and search for any stuff using robotic voice easily.Just like with Google Voice Search, it’s able to perform internet searches through voice activation.

List note Speech/Text Notepad

Free Download List note Speech that helps you in writing your important notes or some important information. You can adjust the settings according to your desire and also take your important notes. The best feature of this app is that it provides user ability to password protect the his/her notes and it also allows user to highlight the different words using colours easily.

AskWiki-Voice Recognition App

If you are one of those guy who love to read WikiPedia or want to get information about specific topic through Wikipedia then this app will be useful for you because all you need is to search about specific topic and it will bring in front of view within few seconds. This app currently supports top three languages which includes Czech, English and Germans as well. AskWiki app got really good response on Google Play Store.

Utter Voice Command

Utter Voice Command is currently in beta stage but it works really awesome and I am impressed with its amazing features after downloading and using the app. The best feature about this app is that it works offline as well and this makes it really great android app in Google Play Store.

Final Verdict on Top Speech and Voice Recognition Android Apps

Well I have shared this useful and amazing list of top and best speech and Voice Recognition Apps for your android devices. Now it depends upon you which one you are going to choose. I hope you like and enjoyed this guide. If you have any queries or suggestions regarding mentioned Voice Recognition Apps ,do let us know in comments section.

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