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Date added: June 11, 2015

If your android device keeps freezing unexpectedly, heats up and drains the battery faster than it should. This could be a sign of abnormal processor use. RAM booster can help you manage your Memory and processor. It kills unnecessary processes taking up your Phone’s RAM. Some boosters also clean internal memory and help free up more space by deleting unimportant files. Here are some of the

Effective Ways To Speed Up With Top 5 RAM Booster software download for windows 7, 8.1, 


App NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
Smart Booster – Free Cleaner-FreeLift TimeMobile phone, TabletDownload Here
RAM Booster-FreeLift TimeMobile phone, TabletDownload Here
RAM Booster (root)-FreeLift TimeMobile phone, TabletDownload Here
DU Speed Booster (Optimizer)-FreeLift TimeMobile phone, TabletDownload Here
Clean Master (Speed Booster)-FreeLift TimeMobile phone, TabletDownload Here


 Top 5 RAM Booster you can download for free

Smart Booster – Free Cleaner

Smart Booster is an optimization tool designed to help you get the best performance from your phone, it has a Smart RAM Booster that boosts your phone’s RAM by killing low priority apps, a Fast Cache cleaner that works with one click, an SD cleaner that scans your SD card and cleans out any junk created by apps, and an Advanced application manager that Easily backs up, uninstalls unused apps, or moves them to your SD card, It also hibernates rarely used apps for better system performance.

RAM Booster

RAM booster helps you accelerate app performance by freeing up more RAM Memory. It comes with a memory cleaner that lets you pick processes you would like to kill in order to free up memory. It also has a TURBO-launch feature that, lets get the best performance out of your Android device by killing unnecessary processes to ensure all of your system’s resources are available to run a specific app.

RAM Booster (root)

Unlike other Boosters that work by killing running processes, RAM booster only manages RAM processes for better performance. In addition, it only works on rooted devices and since it requires SuperUser privileges in order to alter system ROM. It will not work on unrooted devices.

DU Speed Booster (Optimizer)

DU Speed Booster is a three-in-one application that serves as an Optimizer, cleaner and Antivirus, thanks to a built in antivirus program. It can boost your phone’s speed by up to 60%, clean cache and even increase available space on your SD card.

Clean Master (Speed Booster)

Clean Master is a great tool for freeing up more space on your SD card. It boosts games and application performance and helps reduce overheating by stopping unimportant processes. Clean Master also protects your Android device from malicious apps. BY using this app, your phone will realize a boost in battery life since the app monitors CPU performance and kills any apps slowing down your phone or causing overheating.
Installing a RAM booster is the best way to get a better performance out or your phone. Running too many apps will always slow down your phone, no matter how powerful its processor is. RAM booster provides the best way to manage CPU usage and improve your phone’s performance.

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