Best Keyboards For Android Phones Free Download

Date added: February 4, 2015

The age of smartphones and tablets has also ushered in the evolution of the computer keyboard. It seems that nowadays, keyboards are just as smart as the devices they are working for: android keyboards automatically correct typed words and are even pre-installed with smileys. The average onscreen keyboard continues to have its occasional faults though and fortunately, these 5 popular free keyboard apps for android phones have come to the rescue.

Just Swipe To Type With Top Ratted 5 Android Keyboards

App NameFilesizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload Link
SwiftKeyVaries with SizeFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
TouchPal7.1 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
AdapTxt 15 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
Hacker's 1.7 MBFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here
SwypeVaries with SizeFreeLife TimeAndroidDownload Here

Best Keyboards For Android Phones Free Download

SwiftKey download

This app has been topping the list for years as the best android keyboard. Its advanced “fluency engine” allows it to predict the words you type with great accuracy. SwiftKey also provides the option of “swipe to type”, which allows you to type whole sentences without lifting your finger. Users can also choose from various keyboard sizes and layouts, which makes this app flexible enough to match any user’s typing style.

TouchPal Download

TouchPal keyboard android app allows you to both tap and swipe. Through TouchPal Wave, you can finish typing a sentence quickly by dragging a word to the spacebar and swiping the suggested next words that appear. TouchPal also recognizes how simple things have great results: you can swipe the backspace key to delete your last word, and swiping up the spacebar produces an Emoji drawer. You can also tweet directly from the app as TouchPal is can be integrated with Twitter.

AdapTxt Keyboard

For those who dislike clutter, AdapTxt’s minimalistic design is perfect and best emoji keyboard for android. Its support for around 81 languages, 3 auto-correction modes and ability to enable 5 languages at once make it one of the most versatile keyboard apps available. The app also allows users to post directly to social media accounts.

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Hacker’s Keyboard Download

Hacker’s keyboard is top android keyboard designed for maximum efficiency, thus earning its reputation as a “must-have” android app. Hacker’s keyboard closely resembles the good old computer keyboard with arrow keys, its number keys in a separate group, and the punctuation keys in their usual locations.

Swype Keyboard Download

Hailed as the forerunner of the swype input keyboard, Swype one of the best keyboard for android takes the game to the next level as it allows you to execute basic commands (e.g. Copy, Paste, etc.) with a swipe of your finger. Aside from its good prediction features, it also supports over 60 languages and 20 dialects, and can recognize two different languages as you type. Lastly, its built-in accessibility features such as speech recognition make it a the preferred option for vision-impaired users.

There are many other alternative android keyboard apps floating on the internet, but these five have been crowned as the most popular by android smartphone users. If you think your current keyboard isn’t making your typing any easier, one of these five apps will surely solve the problem for you.

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