Top Best 5 Free Messaging Android apps

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If you are looking out for some best and top messaging apps for Android devices, then you are at right place. Because in this article, we are going to talk about the free messaging apps for android platform based devices which android lovers can take advantage and use them to do free messaging with other people.
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Top Android Messaging Apps

It is often found that people can only do free messaging if both of them are having same data connection or same application on their devices. For such purpose apps like WeChat, Viber, WhatsApp are trending among the people for free messaging.
App NameSizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload link
WhatsApp Messenger22.5 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Nimbuzz Messenger18MbFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

WeChat30.1 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

imo free video5.8MbFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

KakaoTalk24.65MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Top Best 5 Free Messaging Android apps Free Download

List of Best Free Messaging Android Apps

We are going to discuss the few best  free messaging android apps which you should need to check out for the free messaging purpose in order to chat with your friend, family member or any other person. In this article following apps are going to be reviewed:
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp
  • Kakao Talk
  • Nimbuzz
  • IMO


It is one of my favorite and best app which is most popular for messaging purposes and various platform users like iOS, Android, BlackBerryetc can use it. One thing you need to keep in mind that first year for WhatsApp is free and after that user will need to pay fees on a yearly basis. The main feature which WhatsApp includes are:

  • Simple and Easy interference to use
  • Have Synchronization to call your whole contacts list
  • Users can share pictures and videos with other people also.
  • Symbols and Emoticons facility is also available.


Nimbuz is one of the old but gold messaging application available for multiple platforms including Android, Windows, MAC etc. For the last few years many features are improved and added to this app which includes video calling and audio calling. In short words, it is a complete all in one package and that’s the main reason why it is used by millions of users from various platforms. Below are the top and the main features of Nimbuzz app:

  • Built in facility to add friends from other social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook etc
  • Users can easily share pictures, music and videos with others
  • The best thing is that  Desktop version of Nimbuzz is also available


I think this app is also available for various platforms and currently trending in Google play store for messaging. Shake and Share feature of WeChat is really much attractive and best thing which I like about it is that it allows users to make voice chat as well.


IMO has many unique and amazing features which includes group chat, video/photo sharing, Synchronization of different social networking websites. IMO performs well on Android and iOS platform based mobile devices easily.

Kakao Talk

Kakao Talk is another trending messaging app for android devices which is currently available in 12 different languages. Just like WhatsApp users will need to use mobile phone number in order to receive and send messages. Users can also take advantage of picture and video sharing feature.


Pinger allows users to send free messages to their friends or family members or any other person to over hundred different countries. By using this amazing app, users can do voice mails and video calling etc. The best feature of Pinger is that you will be able to know that whether your friend or family member have seen your message/messages or not. You should need to give a try to this wonderful android app.

Final Verdict on Top and Best Free Messaging Android Apps

There are various messages available in Google Play Store (Android Marketplace) for messaging purposes but those apps which are mentioned in this list are trending and much popular among android device users. I hope you like and enjoyed this guide on best free messaging android apps. If you have any queries regards this guide, feel free to ask in comments section.

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