Top Best 5 Free Calling Android Apps

Date added: August 7, 2014

If you are looking out for some Best Free Calling Android Apps for your android device , then this guide might be helpful for you. Those days are gone when people were just using their mobile phones for calls but now such thing is not present in smartphones and calling function brought up with some amazing features.
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Top and Best Free Calling Apps for Android

In this article we are going to talk about the following free apps for android which you should need to install for doing free calls on android.

Software NameSizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload link
Skype10.02MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Viber64.56MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

fring Free Calls, video & Text11MFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Nimbuzz Messenger18MFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Tango26.43 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here


Free Calling Apps for Android

Let’s have a look at all of these useful apps which allows users to make free calls on android smartphones or tablets easily.

  • Tango
  • Fring
  • Skype
  • Nimbuzz
  • Gtalk
  • Viber

List of Top Free Calling Apps for Android


Do you think you can beat this app? No you can’t because this is already one of the most popular calling app. It has text messaging, audio call and video call features which allows the users to communicate with their friends or family members and also do business conference as well. If you want to call to an international number or local number then you need to credit your skype account by paying fees so that you can call to both local and international numbers easily.


Viber is another top calling app which has really performed well in iOS platform and the amazing feature of this app works better on all type of connections. Best part is that now Viber is available for all the platforms including symbian, android etc and your mobile number will acts as messenger or id on Viber.


Fring is now becoming the best and top competitor of Skype but unfortunately Fring is not officially available for those users who are using desktop computer. Users can do both audio and video calling and can have chat with four friends at a time. Also users can also take advantage of calling to phone number feature which is same as that of Skype.


One of my favorite text messaging and calling app for android and almost available for all platforms. Calling features are really good and you will surely love it once you have started using this Nimbuzz app.


Tango is another android apps for calling that performs well on every data card.  Tango is available free of cost and you can start using it without paying a single penny. The best thing is that you can use 2G connections in order to make calls  but that will not be good as compared to normal connection.


Gtalk is another popular app for text messaging and audio/video calling that internet users need to utilize. It is my favorite app and good thing about it is quality of voice is good when doing audio/video call.
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Final Verdict on Best Five Free Calling Android Apps

You can find out more calling apps for android devices on Google Play Store but those apps which are mentioned in this list above worth using them. I hope you like and enjoyed this Free Calling Android Apps guide. If you have any queries or suggestions regards this guide, do let us know in comments section.

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