Top Best 5 Android Video Players List

Date added: August 2, 2014

If you want to play high resolution files on your android device then you might be looking for some of the top best video players which might be compatible with all sort of video formats. All of these are mentioned below in this article.So in this article, we are going to talk about top best 5 video players which can be found on Google Play Store and android lovers can take advantage of them.
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Best Video Player App for Android

Such kind of third party players are always good choice because these type of media players always supports multiple video formats and it will be good for you to save your time in converting video files. Some of the android players that are going to be discussed in guide are free and some are paid as well. So it depends upon you which one yo are going to select the android player depending upon the features.

App NameSizePriceValidityOperating SystemDownload link
MX Player13.05 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

MoboPlayer 2.017 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

RockPlayer Lite66.53 KbFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

BSPlayer FREE10.07MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here

Mobo Player16.0 MBFreeLifetimeAndroidDownload Here


Android Video Players

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Top Best 5 Android Video Players List

Let’s have a look at this list of top and best 5 android players list that might be helpful for you if you are looking for best video player for your android device.

MX Player

MX player is well know and most popular video player for all sort of android devices. The best feature of MX player is that it allows users to do multi level decoding. It works perfect and more better on dual core android phones. The main features of MX player are mentioned below:

  • Users are allowed to multi level decoding.
  • Facility of taking maximum of hardware acceleration advantage.
  • Lock facility in order to avoid unnecessary views of user personal videos.
  • The video resolution works awesome.

Mobo Video Player

What users loves to enjoy in Mobo Video player is that it supports .mkv files which are not supported by MX player and support other unique video formats as well. Have a look at the main features of Mobo Video player mentioned below:
  • It fully supports animated flash videos.
  • Allows users to play high resolution videos with great ease.
  • The best part is that it comes with code plugin system and media library files.

Rock Player Lite

Because of it’s fast video reading feature, Rock Player lite has ability to to run any kind of video format easily. Some of the top and main features of Rock Player Lite are given below:
  • It supports following video formats: OGG, VOB, WAV, MPG, WAV, MOV, MP4, ASF, WMV and WMA etc.
  • As transcoding is automatic, so it can help you to save your disk storage easily.
  • It quickly reads video files directly from external or internal media storage.

BS Player

Streaming capability of BS player makes it better and most popular among android lovers. The best feature which of using BS player is that it directly readers the files from  .rar files easily. Have a look at the main feature of BS player given below:
  • Unique feature of BS player is availability of hardware acceleration.
  • It supports multiple subtitle and audio formats.
  • It can also play videos directly online which are shared on Local Area Network (LAN).

Mobo Player

The decoding feature of Mobo Player makes it awesome and better from other media players and that’s main reason why it is most downloaded android video player app on Google Play Store. Let’s check some of the key features of Mobo Player given below:

  • SAA, SRT and ASS subtitle formats are easily supported by Mobo player.
  • Through RTSP and HTTP, users can easily stream videos.

Final Verdict on Best Android Video Players

For enjoying or playing high quality songs or movies etc or any video file, third party android video players are best choice.I hope you liked and enjoyed this guide about top and best android video player list. If you have any queries or suggestions, do let us know in comments section.

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