Audio Recorder | Quick Steps To Record Audio On Windows 7, 8.1

Date added: December 17, 2014

Windows 7, 8.1 Pc  has capability to record Audio for your media project for webcasting or editing. Windows provides simple inbuilt program for recording. However, you could use other audio recording software camstudio etc. Within windows, audio recorder as effective as other software in recording audio. Before you could record make sure you have sound card and a microphone in your system. Here is step-by-step procedure for recording audio sound recorder for windows 7.

Record Audio On Windows Pc’s With Audio Recorder

Audio Recorder | Record Audio On Windows 7, 8.1


Launching Sound recording

  • On Windows 7, go to Start and access All Programs. Under Accessories, you will find Sound Recorder. Click once. You could also type Sound Recorder in search box of Start menu.

Audio Recorder |  Record Audio On Windows 7, 8.1

  • While on Windows 8, go to Start and right click or swipe your finger from the bottom. A menu appears. Select All Apps and under Windows Accessories look for Sound Recorder. Another way would be to search for the Sound Recorder windows in Search Menu.

Working with Sound Recording

Audio Recorder | Record Audio On Windows 7, 8.1

You will see small window titled Sound Recorder/ audio recorder. Check if your microphone is working. Observe the green bar while you speak in microphone. If it reacts on your sound, it means it is working. For windows 7 and Windows 8 audio Recorder is same. To record, click on Start Recording and record audio the media you want to record. Once you are done recording click on stop recording.

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Saving your recording media

As you click on stop recording  and windows pops up asking you to save the file on location of your choice. By default, extension is wma but you could change to mp3. Save your file on desired location.

There other software, which you could also use for recording audio like camstudio and many other. But inbuilt audio recorder is best, have a lot of options and many formats to save the file

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