5 Times A VPN Could Have Rocked Your World

Date added: February 14, 2017

I hate to say “I told you so”. Oh, who am I kidding? I love it. I love it enough to even write a post about it! So here it goes. I have a friend, his name is Sam and he was the only person to advocate absence of a VPN service on any device. “You have nothing to hide”, Sam said, “you shouldn’t even bother”.

And you know what? My point of view was constantly proven. Time after time the system was breaking and bending the rules and time after time I was reassured that VPN security is of the essence in the 21st century.  

But first things first…

5 Times A VPN Could Have Rocked Your World If You Had Only Listened:


What’s a VPN?

A VPN aka Virtual Protected Network is a service that consists of encryption algorithms. All of your traffic and internet history becomes severely confidential, logs are neither stored nor kept and, as a bonus, you get access to all kinds of otherwise banned online resources.

But where’s it best used?

Imagine you are digging up some research online:

A lot of researchers, especially in the realms of business and journalism, require confidentiality. You don’t want a person or a competitor to know you are accessing his site. Alas, this is not easy in the realm of digital analytics tools that come in all shapes and sizes.

Normally, if you enter a site, your IP address is logged. And, with a bit of magic, that site’s owner may come to you with questions. Especially after that anonymous tip you may have provided flies up in a prominent newspaper article.

Imagine you are tired of ads:

Ok, you probably don’t need to really imagine that one, right? Targeted advertising is the scourge of our generation, all because countless sites have mastered the art of cookie collection. Every single time you Google something, a marketer’s alarm goes off with an obnoxious ringtone. The time for his felony has come.

Unless you were smart enough to use a Virtual Protected Network that is. This way your search history is safe and sound.

Imagine you can’t access a city or app because it’s not available in your country:

Have you ever encountered a video on YouTube or Facebook you were dying to see but it was not available for your country? Do you want to catch those Pokémon no matter what? A decent VPN provider can assist in both cases.

Imagine you want to do a bit of torrenting:

Downloads, legal or not, are considered as a suspicious activity every time you use a Torrent Tracker. So why leave your data in the “pay more attention to” list, if it’s easily avoided? Download and Install Free VPN Online.

Imagine you love to travel:

I know I do. But even a walk between cafés can pose a threat. Publicly available Wi-Fi networks are a threat of their own as these connections are more often than not used by hackers. A decent VPN keeps your personal data safe no matter what and that, my friends, is the best bonus!

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